Monday, August 30, 2010

New computer

Now that I have biked 700 kilometers and done 6 of my other challenge my dad will get me a new computer and $500.00 into my bank account. My computer has not yet arrived, because it had to be custom built. After we ordered the computers, a new version came out, so we got those I stead. My new computer will have 2, 24 inch monitors, 1 terabyte or 1000 gigabytes of storage, A 4 gig RAM, an operating speed of 3,000,000 operations per second, and have a 4 core processor, which means it can do up to 4 things at once. I know that that seems like a lot, but most of the current computers only have a 1 core processor. The computer will also have windows 7, and Microsoft 2007. I do not have it yet, but when i do I will post some pictures of it on here. I am still typing all of me blogs from my iPad. It rocks!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Tractor Show

The 26 annual Essex County Steam and Gas Engine show, or the tractor show as I like to call it, took place on August 13, 14, and 15, 2010. I went to the show on the Sunday before the show started on the train with my grandma. Every year I go to the show to help my papa set up the show. He used to set up the entire show which included telling people where to parck their antique tractors or cars. This year though, he only did the setup of the feature tractor which was Oliver tractors and machinery. We spent a whole week from Sunday to Sunday setting up the show, then exhibiting tractors. This year I exhibited my 1958 moto mower lawn tractor. In the end the show was a huge success. This is also the 8 out of 8 post of my summer challenge. Which means that once I bike 60 more kilometers I will get a fancy new computer, and $500.00. Although I do not need to post any more posts, I will still try to post one every Monday. Good by for now!!

Monday, August 16, 2010


Over the summer my parents decided to buy Ipads to read books on. When you first go into the app store, it will ask you if would like to download your free copy or IBooks. On IBooks, you can read books that you bought from the library. The books will range from free to priced. My brother and I have been using them most of the time though. The Ipads are good for many things. You can download thousands or free or priced apps for you or your friends to use. The apps range in all different categories. There is entertainment for things like movie apps, or productivity apps for doing things like creating PowerPoint presentations, or editing an excel document. You can also program your email into the pre-installed email app, or browsing the web with the pre-installed safari app. Believe it or not, I am actually typing this blog post from an IPad right now. The Ipads have already come pre-installed with a few apps from apple. They are things like ITunes, the app store, movies, YouTube, movies, IPod, mail, safari, and a few others. my brother and I have mostly been using them to play games, but we have also been using them to work on other documents that we need to get done. First with the IPod, the the IPod touch, then the iPhone, and now all the way to the giant iPad, I believe that apple will keep inventing new devices that the world won't be able to live without. I would rate the apple Ipads at 9 out of 10. This is also my 7 post of my summer challenge.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Solid Works

Solid Works Design Studio is a program that was originally created for designing aircraft parts. Now it is used by university students , or other manufacturing companies to design complicated machines. To use Solid Works, you first must make a part. To do this, you must start with a 3D chart. You next add all of the dimensions and improve it's look. Once you have many parts, you must join them all together. You have to make sure that when you make your parts there is a way you can join them. Once all of your parts are assembled, you finish improving the look by doing things like rounding off the edges, making parts smooth, and making them shiny or colored. I tried Solid Works, and unless you have a lot of time and a good teacher, Solid Works can be very hard to use. I would rate Solid Works at 6 out of 10. This is also the 6 post of my summer challenge.

Monday, August 2, 2010


MSN or Windows live Messenger, is an instant messenger program much like Skype or Google Talk. In MSN you can type to your friends, or video chat with them. In video chat, you can talk to the person and see them, provided that you booth have a web cam. You can also do video chat, just without the video, so it is just a chat. You can also make calls to cellphones or landlines, but it does not work super well. One thing that I like about MSN is their games. You can play the simple games like checkers or chess, or you can play some weird games that you normally wouldn't come across. If you don't want to download the program, then you can go on a website called On it you can chat with all of your friends who have MSN, or people with other programs like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, or AOL. I would rate MSN at 7 out of 10. This is also the 5 blog post of my summer challenge.