Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Olympic Torch.

Over the Christmas holidays my family and I went to see the Olympic Torch. I was really excited to go see the torch. We waited on the street for about an hour until the torch arrived. There were lots of cars and sponsoring trucks in front of the torch, but when the torch finally passed us it was not as interesting as I thought it would have been. All it was, was a lady running by caring a fancy flaming stick. The experience only lasted about 5 seconds. I guess it was nothing to get worked up about.

New Google Chrome

You have all probably read my last review on Google Chrome, and I said that it was only the first version. Well now Google has come out with the SECOND version of Google Chrome and you still can't download the Google toolbar! I have already downloaded the new version so I can't get rid of it, but i have not really noticed anything different between the old, and new version. I will keep playing around with it to see if I can find anything new about it. I have also noticed that everything from my last post on Google Chrome will still work on the new Chrome. I hope this helps. I rate the second version of Google Chrome at 9 out of 10

Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Talk

All of you have seen my post on Google Chrome, (I lied in it. I gave Google Chrome another try and now I love it!) but now Google has made Google Talk. It is an instant messenger program. To download it and make it work, you have to get Gmail as well. It does not work very well, but I am trying it just like with Google Chrome. All you can do on it is send messages, send files, and make audio calls to your contacts. You can download voice and video chat, but that only works on your Gmail page. Just to figure out how to make voice and video calls took me hours! So far it is not looking so good, but I will give it a shot just just like I did for Google Chrome. Who knows. Maybe I will end up loving it, but Skype is much better. I will keep playing around with it and let you know if I find anything good. I rate Google Talk at 5 out of 10

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

more work on Moto-Mower

Since my Moto-Mower was leaking oil and it kept stalling, not to mention it needing a new paint job, my Papa decided to start fixing it up. It had a broken gasket which made it leak oil, and a broken spring which kept making it stall. My Papa took apart the engine and fixed the gasket and spring. Once all of that was done my Papa gave the whole tractor a paint job. My Papa says the Moto-Mower is now running smoothly because of the fixed engine, and the ride is less bumpy because my Papa let some air out of the tires. Unfortunately for me I have not yet had a chance to drive the Moto-Mower, but I can not wait for my chance.
Here are some pictures:



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Having fun with ice!

On Thursday June 2 2009 my brother and I had a some fun while experimenting with ice cubes. My brother showed me that ice melts faster on aluminum than just a counter. We did some experiments of melting ice on different things. We tried one ice cube on a sheet of aluminum, one on a green painted sheet of aluminum, one on tinfoil, and one on the plain counter. Each ice cube was timed while it was melting. Here were the results of our tests:
Melting Ice Test Results
Aluminum: 9:29 mins.
Green painted aluminum: 9:16 mins.
Tinfoil: 17:02 mins.
Counter: 19:14 mins.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google Chrome

Yes!, I thought when I saw that Google had made their own browser. I thought it would be every browser put together. But when I got on it I noticed that it may look fancy, but it barely had anything on it! I was especially surprised when I noticed that Google Chrome did not even have a google toolbar! On the bright side it was only the Beta version. I thought when they make the next version as all browsers do they deffinatly have to have the Google Toolbar. I hope it will come out soon! If you are having trouble accessing you're google bookmarks try this link: Another thing I need the Toolbar for is the page ranking meter to Know how good the website is. One thing that might make things easier is type in a URL for a site you might want to access a lot, then drag the star at the front of the address bar to some where below the address bar, and it will become a button. Another useful thing is if you click F3. It will make a bar pop up which will find words on the web page you are on. And finally if you click F1 the Google Chrome Help page will come up. I hope some of these ideas for Google Chrome will make it easier without the toolbar! Until Google comes up with the next version of Google Chrome I think I will stick with Internet Explorer. If you have any question or comments click on the comments link bellow. I rate Google Chrome at 7 out of 10

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moto-Mower Tralier

Sometime during May my Papa built the Moto-Mower a new trailer out of an old sprayer. The trailer currently works quite well. My Papa put cement over the hole in the trailer that the nozzle was connected to. When I was testing it out the bumps made the 15 year old cement chip. So as a result of that we had to chisel the cement off, un screw the part that the nozzle was connected to, and in it's place screw in a piece of thick metal. Now the patch work is working just fine!! Here are some pictures of the Moto-Mower and it's trailer.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vacation in South Carolina

During the march break we went to South Carolina. We say lot's of things like: Fort Sumter(where the first shot of the civil war hit.), the Charlston Confederate War Museum, and the aircraft carrier the USS Yorktown. It was deafeningly one of the best vacations I have ever had. So, if you want to go on vacation I recommend South Carolina.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bird house gourds

Over the last weekend in February we made bird house gourds. They are a certain type of gourds left to dry for a few months. While they are drying they become incredibly light. Then you use a knife and sandpaper to take off all of the skin. You let them sit for a day then you use bleach mixed with water and use a brush to cover the gourd in the mix. the bleach will get it wet, and that will help the skin that is left to come off. :Note do Not let the bleach touch your clothes. Once the are dry from the bleach buy paint that is nice to the birds and paint your gourd. finally drill a hole for the birds and you have yourself a bird house gourd!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

work on Moto-Mower

The Moto-Mower has now been taken apart and painted, then put back together. We put in a new battery, a new seat, and a tool box. It is getting to be a really nice tractor to drive around. We are trying to have it completely restored for the Essex County Steam and Gas Engine show in August.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Skiing at Chicopee

Over the Valentines weekend my family and I went to the Chicopee ski hill. The snow was sort of icy because of the rain they had gotten. Chicopee was the only place I could see snow on because they make most of their snow. Over all it was pretty fun despite the snow. If you are looking fore somewhere to ski or snowboard I recommend going to Chicopee. To find out more about Chicopee visit their website at:

Friday, February 13, 2009


Over the summer my Papa bought me a 1958 Moto-Mower which is now my pride and joy. It is a small lawn tractor with out the blade. It is a very good tractor to be driving around for fun and enjoyment. I'm sure all children would love to have one of these tractors. Here is a picture of it: