Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Talk

All of you have seen my post on Google Chrome, (I lied in it. I gave Google Chrome another try and now I love it!) but now Google has made Google Talk. It is an instant messenger program. To download it and make it work, you have to get Gmail as well. It does not work very well, but I am trying it just like with Google Chrome. All you can do on it is send messages, send files, and make audio calls to your contacts. You can download voice and video chat, but that only works on your Gmail page. Just to figure out how to make voice and video calls took me hours! So far it is not looking so good, but I will give it a shot just just like I did for Google Chrome. Who knows. Maybe I will end up loving it, but Skype is much better. I will keep playing around with it and let you know if I find anything good. I rate Google Talk at 5 out of 10

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

more work on Moto-Mower

Since my Moto-Mower was leaking oil and it kept stalling, not to mention it needing a new paint job, my Papa decided to start fixing it up. It had a broken gasket which made it leak oil, and a broken spring which kept making it stall. My Papa took apart the engine and fixed the gasket and spring. Once all of that was done my Papa gave the whole tractor a paint job. My Papa says the Moto-Mower is now running smoothly because of the fixed engine, and the ride is less bumpy because my Papa let some air out of the tires. Unfortunately for me I have not yet had a chance to drive the Moto-Mower, but I can not wait for my chance.
Here are some pictures: