Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google Chrome

Yes!, I thought when I saw that Google had made their own browser. I thought it would be every browser put together. But when I got on it I noticed that it may look fancy, but it barely had anything on it! I was especially surprised when I noticed that Google Chrome did not even have a google toolbar! On the bright side it was only the Beta version. I thought when they make the next version as all browsers do they deffinatly have to have the Google Toolbar. I hope it will come out soon! If you are having trouble accessing you're google bookmarks try this link: Another thing I need the Toolbar for is the page ranking meter to Know how good the website is. One thing that might make things easier is type in a URL for a site you might want to access a lot, then drag the star at the front of the address bar to some where below the address bar, and it will become a button. Another useful thing is if you click F3. It will make a bar pop up which will find words on the web page you are on. And finally if you click F1 the Google Chrome Help page will come up. I hope some of these ideas for Google Chrome will make it easier without the toolbar! Until Google comes up with the next version of Google Chrome I think I will stick with Internet Explorer. If you have any question or comments click on the comments link bellow. I rate Google Chrome at 7 out of 10

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moto-Mower Tralier

Sometime during May my Papa built the Moto-Mower a new trailer out of an old sprayer. The trailer currently works quite well. My Papa put cement over the hole in the trailer that the nozzle was connected to. When I was testing it out the bumps made the 15 year old cement chip. So as a result of that we had to chisel the cement off, un screw the part that the nozzle was connected to, and in it's place screw in a piece of thick metal. Now the patch work is working just fine!! Here are some pictures of the Moto-Mower and it's trailer.