Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Olympic Torch.

Over the Christmas holidays my family and I went to see the Olympic Torch. I was really excited to go see the torch. We waited on the street for about an hour until the torch arrived. There were lots of cars and sponsoring trucks in front of the torch, but when the torch finally passed us it was not as interesting as I thought it would have been. All it was, was a lady running by caring a fancy flaming stick. The experience only lasted about 5 seconds. I guess it was nothing to get worked up about.

New Google Chrome

You have all probably read my last review on Google Chrome, and I said that it was only the first version. Well now Google has come out with the SECOND version of Google Chrome and you still can't download the Google toolbar! I have already downloaded the new version so I can't get rid of it, but i have not really noticed anything different between the old, and new version. I will keep playing around with it to see if I can find anything new about it. I have also noticed that everything from my last post on Google Chrome will still work on the new Chrome. I hope this helps. I rate the second version of Google Chrome at 9 out of 10