Monday, August 2, 2010


MSN or Windows live Messenger, is an instant messenger program much like Skype or Google Talk. In MSN you can type to your friends, or video chat with them. In video chat, you can talk to the person and see them, provided that you booth have a web cam. You can also do video chat, just without the video, so it is just a chat. You can also make calls to cellphones or landlines, but it does not work super well. One thing that I like about MSN is their games. You can play the simple games like checkers or chess, or you can play some weird games that you normally wouldn't come across. If you don't want to download the program, then you can go on a website called On it you can chat with all of your friends who have MSN, or people with other programs like Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, or AOL. I would rate MSN at 7 out of 10. This is also the 5 blog post of my summer challenge.

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