Monday, September 6, 2010


On August 18, 2010 I walked into Wilk&Wilk orthodontist just like I often do. However, usually I am going in to see when I will get braces, but this time I was actual getting them!! When I first came in I had no idea what to expect. When they called my name, they took me to the x-ray room. After taking a few x-rays, they took me into the back. There were rows and rows of chairs most of them filled with kids getting their braces tightened.
 The doctors took me over to an empty chair and told me to sit down. One of the doctors(I had 3) noticed that my mom was using her ipad. So for a long time we all sat and talked about the ipads. What a weird thing to happen when you were about to get braces. After a while, they all finished, so they started to work on me.

First they cleaned my teeth with bad tasting grit. Then they put on the first brackets. They would put a little glue on my teeth, put on the bracket, then harden the glue with UV light. To do the front brackets, the put a circle thing in my mouth to keep it open. Before they hardened those brackets though, they needed my orthodontist Dr.Brian Wilk, to check them.
When he came over he saw my moms ipad, so we started talking about them again. He asked me if I had flight control(which I ended up buying a soon as I got home from the orthodontist) and I tried to say no, but I couldn't since I had the thing in my mouth In the end, I got the braces on just fine. They were a little sore for the first couple days, but by the 4th day, which is the day I am writing it, I just post published this, they got better. I only have my front teeth on right now, so on October 21, 2010 I am going to get the bottom teeth on. I will post another post when I get the bottom braces, but until then keep coming back every monday to see what I have posted.

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