Monday, July 19, 2010

Wordpress is a free website for making blogs. Just like blogger, you can do all your normal things such as making posts, and adding categories. It can also so things quite different from blogger though. It can also do things like have multiple pages, choose from over 100 themes, help you make a great design, and have multiple editors. Having multiple editors can be a great thing when you have more than one person who needs to edit the blog. All you have to do is write their email, add some personal information, and then they can edit your blog. You can also set them to different ranks. For example: you might have a person who you want to publish and change posts, but not be able to change anything big. You would set this person as an editor. When you start your blog on, then you will be automatically be set as the administrator, who can do anything. You can also set people to contributor, but all they can do is write their own posts. Here are the links to some of the Wordpress blogs that I have made for my friends:, and: I would rate at 9 out of 10. This is also the 3 post of my summer challenge.

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