Friday, March 12, 2010

My cavity

Once I had discovered that I had got my first cavity I was really scared about what it would be like to get it filled. I thought the needle would be very painful and take a long time. I also expected the drill to be huge and take a long time, and that it would make a huge hole in my tooth. I thought that I was also going to have to take laughing gas to help me get the needle(I am really afraid of needles).When I got to my dentist I felt like I had been sitting in the wating room for hours. Once I was finally called the dentist took me to the big chair where I was going to get my cavity filled. At this point I was really freeking out. Then to my surprise the dentist told me that my cavity was so tiny that I didn't need a needle or laughing gas. The drill was so small that the drill bit looked like one of thoes small screwdrivers. He slowly started to drill through my cavity, and it didn't even hurt one bit, he put a tiny silver filling in my tooth, and says that I am done. The filling is so tiny that most people say that it is white because they can't see it. In the end getting it filled was not so bad. I guess It was nothing to get all scared about.

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